Wontok Enterprises is a provider of value-added managed services to leading internet service providers, government agencies and enterprises in the Asia-Pacific. Our solutions allow our partners to deliver to their customers’ best-of-breed internet security solutions, premium support and resource management solutions.

ISP partners use our solutions to build revenue, reduce churn and transform the customer experience from a passive, non-responsive one, to a pro-active experience that leads to higher ARPU and maximum brand equity. For example, by delivering an end-user security solution to broadband customers on a platform designed from the ground up with the ISP in mind, Wontok helps our customers attract, retain, and grow lasting profitable relationships with customers.

Our enterprise and small business security solutions integrate seamlessly into our MSP partners’ existing managed service offerings, or alternatively stand alone as a valued product to be managed by Wontok. IT Administrators are afforded an unparalleled level of control, flexibility and interoperability.

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Wontok SafeCentral – Malware Prevention for Online Financial Transactions and Remote Endpoints

Networks and endpoint devices are under constant attack. Many already have or will be breached by aggressive cybercriminals.

Wontok SafeCentral provides an added layer of security that prevents advanced threats and other forms of malware from executing.
Wontok SafeCentral fills the gaps left by traditional antivirus, firewalls and encryption technology.

Wontok SafeCentral renders malware inoperable.

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