Call Safe

Call Safe Private & Hybrid Cloud Encrypted Mobile Service

We all take cell phones for granted and rarely think twice before using a mobile device to make even a confidential business call. However, the mobile networks are public networks and cannot be assumed to be secure*. Fortunately, it is now easy to protect your calls so that even the most confidential business call can be made with complete confidence that the discussion remains private between only the parties involved.

Despite the assurances of the mobile network operators, the cellular networks carrying calls are not secure; calls can easily be monitored and recorded. The only way to solve this problem is to encrypt the call.

Until recently making encrypted calls on mobile networks required specialist and expensive secure phones. Fortunately the increasing power of smart phones and technological advances means that call encryption is now affordable for all.

The CallSafe difference, why choose us?

  • Secure mobile voice and conferencing supported
  • Available as a managed service or can be setup as a Private Cloud solution
  • Highly secure using upto AES 256 encryption
  • Good call quality
  • Easy administration and reporting
  • Minimises roaming charges
  • Wide range of mobile devices supported

Features and Benefits

Flexible commercial approach

  • Provided as a hosted Managed Service
  • Provided as a Private Cloud solution
  • Bill monthly on OPEX
  • Purchase using CAPEX

Easy to setup and administer

  • Secure GUI
  • Group leaders can setup user accounts
  • Ideal for internal users
  • Between business partners or calls with customers
  • Secures calls between different network service providers

Secure and fast

  • Uses upto AES 256 encryption
  • Uses TLS protocols as used in online banking
  • Can use Wi-Fi or 3G networks
  • low latency, less than 30 milliseconds on suitable networks
  • iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android supported
  • More smart device applications being released
  • Based on award-winning voice encryption technology
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