UM Labs

UM Labs is a pioneer and leader in Voice over IP and Unified Messaging security. The company markets a family of cost effective SIP Security Controllers which make connecting VoIP systems to the public internet easy and secure.


Confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of voice communications over the internet (VoIP) are critical considerations for most businesses. Driven by lower bandwidth costs and the promise of increased flexibility, VoIP is quickly becoming a critical tool in the business-to-business landscape. Significant growth in SIP Trunking and consolidation of voice and data traffic over the public internet are raising new security and interoperability concerns that were previously overlooked. To solve these problems, UM Labs has developed a family of cost effective SIP Security Controllers which can be easily plugged into existing networks to enable SIP connectivity, security and voice encryption.

The company was founded in 2007 by pioneers in networking and security. Peter Cox was a co-founder of internet security specialist Borderware Technologies, where he helped design the Borderware Firewall Server, one of the industry’s first commercial firewall products, and the MXtreme product, one of the first application level security gateways for email. Peter was also in charge of the design team and commercialization efforts for SIPassure, a popular first generation SIP application firewall. John Alsop was CEO and co-founder of Borderware. He was a key visionary behind the company’s security product strategy, including initiating development of SIPassure.

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