UM Labs has won the prestigious ITSPA award in the Best VoIP Infrastructure category.

The award was won against some strong competition including two well known Session Border Controllers.

Our product, the SIP Security Controller, is differentiated from other products by the combination of strong security controls combined with features to solve VoIP interoperability challenges. This combination and specifically our product’s ability to control call fraud and to provide call encryption was one of the factors that secured this award.

The UM Labs press release announcing this award is located at, for  more information on the ITSPA awards see

Taming SIP Vicious

Spend any time researching VoIP risks and you will quickly discover the name SIP Vicious. This is not a typo, but a set of freely downloadable tools designed for testing and auditing VoIP networks. While these tools have a legitimate use, they are also misused to attack VoIP networks.

SIP Vicious is designed as a service enumerator, an application that scans large numbers of network addresses looking for systems running a specific service. In the case of SIP Vicious, the target service is the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), which is implemented by all IP PBX vendors and used by internet telephony services providers, so the presence of SIP Vicious represents a significant danger.