I will help manufacturers to develop their directly or indirectly sales channel. Based on the supplier’s business model and strategy, I can help you choose the path that is most successful. My services are offered to the known fixed and performance-related expenses.

I can give strong support to the manufacturer’s strategic and practical marketing and sales work, faster and more efficient implementation of agreed marketing and sales activities.

Working with me will increase your sales while saving time, money and resources. This while I reduce the producer’s risk and minimize investment and locks in fixed costs.

I am a resource for your marketing and sales department. I identify potential business opportunities with end customers, recruit and coach dealers, distributors and other partners. Negotiates contracts and represent your company in local markets.

My contacts are at senior level in IT management in retail and I have contacts at the right levels within the distribution channels for solutions in the IT and telecom.

Based on my experience I can deliver successful sales strategies, market analysis and business plans that combine order with the correct use of resources. I contribute to increased sales and profitability through correct choice of sales channels.