Performance Vision version 3.2 delivers a revolutionary File Sharing Performance analysis at transaction level.

SecurActive officially release the version 3.2 of Performance Vision bringing revolutionary features such as the extension of its Deep Transaction Analysis capabilities to file transfer and storage protocols (CIFS / SMB).

As part of its rapid development process, SecurActive has just released a new version of Performance Vision, only 5 months after its previous delivery. This 3.2 version of its Network and Application Performance Management solution brings new ground-breaking features as well as numerous enhancements of existing features.

Performance Vision version 3.2 provides transaction level analysis for file transfer and storage protocols (CIFS / SMB), providing an exhaustive visibility on the performance and error end user and application-driven file transfer activities. Customers will take advantage of an in-depth visibility of all SMB / CIFS requests allowing to quickly solve critical file storage issues. Establishing a diagnostic and finding the root cause of an error has never been so easy! Thanks to our agentless technology, all this is achieved with absolutely no additional workload neither for the database servers nor for the client workstations.

In addition to these new features, Performance Vision version 3.0 also integrates numerous feature enhancements (GUI improvements, reporting enhancements, etc…).


  • Monitor CIFS / SMB Performance Analysis (See User Guide)
    • Supports SMB 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 (without encryption)
    • Identify Slow Transactions
    • Troubleshoot File Sharing Issues
      • Access Rights
      • Deleted or Corrupted Files
      • Insufficient Resources
      • All Errors and Warnings
    • Correlate File Sharing Problems with Network Performance Issues
    • Analyze file path, Server Response Time (SRT), Data Transfer Time (DTT), including meta-data commands, etc.
    • New dedicated pages: – Overview – Performance – Top IP Client – Top IP Server – Top Files – Top Trees – Top Users – Queries – Raw Data
    • New dedicated filters (See Custom Filters)
    • Establish L3 – L7 links between Flows & Transactions to switch from Flows to Transactions and to switch from Transactions to Flows
    • Inline help and Protocol documentation 
  • Other Features & Improvements
    • LDAP Authentication
    • New data merging level for http transactions for users who mirror Internet traffic
    • User interface improvements, like the widget for switching automatically IP addresses or Zones
    • Performance improvements for queries on large data range
    • Shellshock security update


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